Tabuchi Electric, a leading worldwide inverter manufacturer, presents the Eco Intelligent Battery System (EIBS).

Residential Solar + Storage is a here. Tabuchi Electric offers a unique hybrid solar inverter combined with a battery management system to the North American Market.  This system is optimized for energy management and cost performance. 

Maximize your solar investment with Tabuchi Electric's EIBS.

Our All-in-One Plug-n-Play 5.5kW residential inverter paired with our 10kWh Lithium Ion Battery provides customer with:

  1. Utilization of TOU to cut energy costs
  2. Optimal battery system management
  3. Energy security during power outages
  4. A stable and efficient source of electricity

Features includes:

  • 3 MPPT 5.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter – For better shade tolerance and maximization of roof space
  • Bi-directional DC to DC Battery Converter – For battery charging and discharging
  • Automatic Transfer Switch – For detecting outages and voltage fluctuation on the Grid
  • Battery Charge Controller (BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) – For superior integration
  • 9.89kWh Lithium Ion Battery – For utilizing TOU and security during power outages
  • Easy remote controlled setup
  • Solar and Battery Remote Monitoring

More Information

Data sheet: EIBS15U Datasheet (JULY 2016).pdf