How to clean a electric frying pan

electric frying pan

An electric frying pan is also known as the electric skillet. It is a fantastic inclusion in kitchen households since it offers a simple and easy way to prepare and cook various types of meals. You can use the electric frying pan to grill, simmer and fry food. An electric skillet is designed with non-stick properties that are easy to clean and maintain. They do not require to need extra care and attention for cleaning.

You can clean your electric skillet using simple approaches. Cleaning the electric skillet does not have to be a complicated process. The following are tips to clean your electric frying pan:

For Safety Remove the Connector

Before initiating the cleaning process, ensure that you unplug the appliance from the source of power supply. Remove the connector and the electrical cord from the appliance. Ensure that you set aside the connector to prevent it from submerging in water since water can destroy the appliance.

Once you have removed the cord and the connector, you can submerge the pan into the sink filled with hot water with detergent.

Wash the Residue of Food

Use a sponge to clean the interior of the electric pan gently. You can also use a nylon scraper to remove any food that remains stuck on the electric frying pan.

Avoid using the metal scrubber to remove food remains from your electric pan since the metal scrubber can easily damage the non-stick surface of the frying pan.

Wash the Interior Thoroughly

Scrub the interior of your electric frying pan using a dishcloth. In case there is stuck-on from the inside of the electric frying pan, use nylon to scrub. While scrubbing ensures that you maintain the scrubber in a circular motion to remove all remains of food particles. Scrub gently to avoid damaging the surface of the electric pan.

Rinse Inside of the Electric Frying Pan

Rinse the inside of your electric frying pan using hot soapy water and then place your pan is a clean dish towel.

Rinse Outside of the Electric Frying Pan

Once you are done removing all the food residues from the pan’s interior, you can place it in hot soapy water. Using a non-abrasive scrubber, wipe the pan down. Be careful while doing this to ensure that water does not get into the connector entry point. Water can damage the appliance thoroughly. Wipe down the pan more than once to remove all traces of the dish soap.

Clean the Connector

Using a soapy sponge, wipe down the exterior of the connector. You can use a toothpick to remove debris from the opening of the connector. You can also wipe down the cord connector’s exterior since it quickly gets greasy when used often.

Clean the Lid

You can wash the lid of your electric frying pan by putting it a sink full of hot water. Use a soft-bristled scrub brush to clean the cover if it is exceptionally greasy. Using a clean dish towel, dry your lid and an electric frying pan.

Ensure that you put the connector back into the appliance after cleaning. You can also prefer to put the connector inside the frying pan. Keep the appliances complete in one place.

Additional Ways to Clean Electric Frying Pan

Boil Water in the Pan

Fill your electric frying pan with water and cover it with a lid. Turn on the heat control to 250 degrees. When the water boils, remove the lid. Using a spatula, clean the sides and the bottom of the pan. This approach is effective as it will help you to dissolve residue easily.

Turn off the power and remove the connector. Pour the water into the sink and then rinse your pan using warm soapy water. Dry the pan using a dishtowel.

Using Powdered Cleanser

Use powdered cleanser to clean your pan, but you should not use a cleanser containing chlorine as it will damage your pan. Cover your pan with a cleanser and scrub it gently using a sponge. Ensure that move your sponge in a circular motion to remove tacky food remains from the pan ultimately.

Using a powdered cleanser is essential in removing discoloration in the pan arising from heat contact. When you have finished scrubbing, rinse the pan and dry it.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is regarded as the best agent in cleaning cookware without damaging them. Your frying pan can create a build-up grease at times. Sprinkle a reasonable amount of baking soda onto the pan. Add little water to the sprinkled baking soda. Create a paste and apply it to food stain or grease that you intend to clean.

Allow the mixture for some minutes to settle properly then scrub the paste away using a non-abrasive pad. After that, wipe down your pan using a dishcloth. Baking soda will help you to remove all stains without damaging the surface of the pan.

Caring For Your Electric Frying Pan

  • o Wash your pan always before using it
  • o Let your pan cool before cleaning it. Do not pour cold water into a hot pan.
  • o Do not use metal utensils when using your electric frying pan. Use wooden, plastic, or nylon utensils with the pan.
  • o Clean your pan with a non-abrasive pad after use.
  • o When cleaning, the pan ensures that water does not get into the connector entry.
  • o Do not use a dishwasher to clean your electric pan.
  • o Avoid using cleansers that contain bleach agents.