Tabuchi Electric is a leading worldwide solar inverter manufacturer. Globally diversified and listed on the NIKKEI, it has developed and manufactured state-of-the-art solar inverters for over 20 years. Tabuchi develops and manufactures products to serve as a “Total Energy Solution”. Our mission is to contribute to a greener world by providing customers with products that generate, use, and manage energy efficiently.

Since our founding in 1925, Tabuchi Electric has been known for distributing high quality products worldwide. Originally establishing itself as a silicon steel pressing company, Tabuchi Electric transitioned to manufacturing high-frequency transformers and power supply units for home appliances in 1976.

As it became increasingly evident that clean energy is important to the well-being of our planet, Tabuchi shifted its focus to the renewable energy sector in 1995. Tabuchi uses its vast expertise to design and manufacture state-of-the-art inverters. Building on its success in the Japanese solar market, Tabuchi Electric opened offices in San Jose, CA and Toronto, ON, offering innovative PV solar inverters in North America, including a residential solar + storage solution.