By Solar Server

Tabuchi Electric (Osaka, Japan), a solar-plus-storage manufacturer, on March 21st, 2016 announced the opening of its expanded office, training and testing facility in San Jose, CA, U.S.

Tabuchi Electric’s facility will be the hub for development and sales of the company’s solar-plus-storage and inverter technologies designed to help U.S. homeowners cut electricity costs and efficiently manage their energy use, the company notes.

Tabuchi’s grid-friendly technologies are also intelligently designed to make it easier for utilities to directly manage distributed solar and optimize energy use across the grid.

Tabuchi Electric has committed to hiring 35 employees by the end of Q2, tripling the size of the U.S.-based team. Tabuchi Electric will help the city of San Jose reach its goal of creating 25,000 clean technology jobs by 2022, the company emphasizes.

“Demand for solar-plus-storage technology is growing because Americans want to make the most out of clean, low-cost solar energy,” said Tabuchi CEO, Toshihiro Kaihoshi.

The office opening comes on the heels of Tabuchi’s North American launch of the EIBS Intelligent Battery System last year. The system combines an all-in-one inverter with a lithium-ion battery that is optimized for reliability, fast payback and simple home installation.