By Greentech Lead

Tabuchi Electric, a solar-plus-storage manufacturer, has installed its first solar-plus-storage system as part of a broader program being led by utility partner Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation in Ontario, Canada.

The utility is one of the first in North America to lead the installation of grid-friendly residential solar-plus-storage systems.

Under the program, Tabuchi is installing solar-plus-storage systems in homes across Oshawa Power’s service territory to generate solar energy and store it onsite for use at any time.

The project is funded by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and is designed to deliver compelling energy management benefits to Oshawa Power and its residential customers.

This initiative also supports Ontario’s clean energy efficiency policies already considered to be leading in North America.

Oshawa Power’s customers participating in this pilot will be able to generate and use all of the clean solar energy produced at their home with the help of solar panels and a sophisticated storage system, the company said.

Oshawa Power CEO, Atul Mahajan, said, “Integrating solar and storage with the grid in select homes across Oshawa will allow us to study the technology closely and most importantly develop innovative business models on our path to creating the utility of the future.”