Tabuchi Electric, a leading worldwide inverter manufacturer, presents the second generation of the Eco Intelligent Battery System (EIBS). Tabuchi’s grid-friendly system includes a high efficiency inverter, stackable batteries and integration with GELI software for the most adaptable battery storage system on the market.

This system is optimized for energy management and cost performance.  Maximize your solar investment with Tabuchi Electric's Eco Intelligent Battery System.

Available Models:

1-battery model: EIBS16GU

2-battery model: EIBS16GU2, UL9540 Compliant

Features include:

  • 5.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • Stackable Lithium-ion Batteries: 1 battery or 2 batteries
  • High efficiency AC/DC Conversion
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • 3 Solar MPPTs
  • Built-in battery, solar, and whole house monitoring
  • Optimized Energy Management Settings: Self-consumption, Demand Charge, Time-of-Use, Backup
  • Non-export available

The Eco Intelligent Battery System (EIBS):

  1. Utilizes of TOU to cut energy costs
  2. Optimizes battery system management
  3. Provides energy security during power outages
  4. Ensures a stable and efficient source of electricity

Warranty Application/Information

Please follow the link below for information regarding the warranty:

More Information

Data sheet: EIBS16GU Series Datasheet (EIBS-US.2017.09.08).pdf
Data sheet: